An Attorney Can Provide The Family Law Help You Need

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Many people never anticipate a divorce, child custody battle, or filing legal papers for their child to receive child support from the other parent. The fact is, these types of situations are very common, and an individual should contact an experienced family law attorney for sound advice. Individuals who have been in a situation involving domestic violence or child abuse should seek assistance as quickly as possible to protect themselves. If a mother or father of a child needs to establish paternity for visitation or child support, a family law attorney will guide them through the process.


Divorce laws can differ from one state to another and an individual should be familiar with the requirements. Even if an individual lives in the state, they will need to file in the county they lived in. They may have to file in another state if they recently moved to the new state.


Establishing paternity or disproving paternity will depend on the law of the state. Some states allow a father who is married or unmarried to disprove paternity. In other states, if the child is born during the marriage, the state will not listen to a case to disprove paternity unless it’s within a reasonable time after the baby’s birth.

Child Custody

Every state follows the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCJEA), which governs the jurisdiction and child custody enforcement. The UCCJEA specifies which state a parent can file for custody of their child. In addition, it addresses emergency issues to protect a child.

Child Support

It is every parent’s responsibility to financially support their child until they are an adult. Parents who don’t financially support their child could find their driver’s license revoked, lose their tax refund, have their passport revoked, or be arrested and put in jail. An attorney can help an individual receive the child support they need.

If you find yourself in a family law situation and don’t know where to turn, it’s important to contact an experienced lawyer. Family law help will reduce the chance for an individual to make a poor decision that could affect the rest of their life.


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