Have a look on 5 Best Use Cases for Cantilever Racking

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The cantilever racking is the best for storing the irregular, large and the bulky items. This is the must-have racking system available at the warehouse or the manufacturing facility that helps in the storage of the irregular and the large storage items. They are also used for storing the items that are of varying size and length. This type of storage option offers lots of flexibility in the storage design and the usage. This is available in both single-sided and the double side system designs. This cantilever system is available in multi-tier and single-tier option that helps in the increase of the storage capacity and reducing the aisles.

In the cantilever racking, as there are no such uprights, it becomes easier to lift the goods through the fork-lift mechanism without the manual lifting of the goods. Whether you want to move the bottom-most item to the top layer; all the levels in this racking system is easily accessible by the members, thus reducing the time in loading and unloading. The easy-to-fit cantilever racks are easy in adjusting and therefore, they ensure safe storing facilities.

Features of cantilever racking-

  1. They are ideal systems for the bulky and the long products
  2. They are sturdy thus allowing organized and safe storage of the irregular items
  3. They help in increasing the storage capacity from both vertical and horizontal space
  4. They are custom made as per the requirements
  5. They allow heavy items to be stored on one side or both the sides of the storing space.
  6. They are easy to install, require no maintenance and withstand the bad handling.

Due to these features, the warehouse members are buying the cantilever racking systems from the industrial storage rack manufacturers.

Here are the top 4 best uses for the cantilever racking, they are,

  1. They are best to store the irregular and bulky items
  2. They help in enhancing the product availability, instant access to the items from any level, whether it is on the top or in the bottom.
  3. They are highly selective in storing the items
  4. They helps in the optimizing the space in the storage facility. Thus, you can keep a lot of items in these racks.
  5. They provide systematic and the secured storage and retrieval of the items.

Hence, industrial storage racks manufacturers cantilever racking is the best one at the warehouse to keep the irregular items.


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