Women’s Sports Hospitality Opportunities

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Make the decision to attend women’s sports events with corporate hospitality or private hospitality benefits this year. You’ll be thrilled that you stepped away from the male oriented option to witness exceptional quality play.

Don’t miss out on women’s sports events and hospitality

Take the recent rugby Six Nations as an example, we hear about the men’s competition, see the matches and can follow the results without making an internet search. How many people actively followed the women’s event? It’s just as demanding and important and yet it can be overlooked. This trend is changing though.

According to research by sports marketing agency Two Cities featured by the BBC, since 2013 attendances for UK women’s sports have grown on average by 38% year on year.

They predict the number of fans watching women’s sport will increase by 49% on 2017 to hit 682000 in 2018.

The 2017 ICC Women Cricket World Cup sold-out three games including the final.

Harlequins Ladies rugby club are set to achieve a world record attendance when it hosts Richmond in the Tyrrells Premier 15s at the Twickenham Stoop.

The Women’s Hockey World Cup at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park this July and August should help to elevate attendance figures.

Neglecting to attend women’s matches and championships in person is to deny yourself and your guests spectacular sporting displays, jaw dropping techniques and unrivalled athleticism.

If you wonder whether the women events are at a comparable level with the men’s, ask yourself whether you would be brave enough to ask Serena or Venus Williams whether they played tennis at a lower level than Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic. Chances are, you wouldn’t dare to! They are icons who have earned every mark of respect and trophy during their careers.

Corporate hospitality providers

Women’s sports hospitality providers like renowned DTB Sports and Events have years of experience, great working relationships with the venues management and have a keen eye on the fine details of a successful experience. Days are luxurious and positive throughout.

Pre-tailored and bespoke packages are available so please, don’t incur stress and increased costs by trying to pull together the strands of a corporate hospitality event yourself; relax and place your arrangements in safe hands.

Women’s sport hospitality, Wimbledon Debentures 2nd July-15th July 2018

All debenture tickets for Centre Court or Court 1 come with Debenture Lounge swing badges offering you a delightful place to enjoy lunch and drinks in between the tennis. Savour superb facilities, including self service restaurants and luxury bars. Exquisite views over the courts from the terraces may take your breath away long before a lady’s match commences.

You could participate in team building women’s sports hospitality too

Your female team might enjoy a day out being pampered or for the more active, try women’s sports hospitality sailing during Cowes Week or driving days. These needn’t be exclusively male domains in the 21st century! Henley Royal Regatta is sure to please sports lovers and relaxed observers; it takes place between the 4th-8th July 2018.

Please contact specialists today to learn about more opportunities.


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