How Turnkey Manufacturing Benefits your Project

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If you are planning to set up a manufacturing plant or are considering investing in an industrial facility, you can either develop it from scratch, or you go for a turnkey solution. A turnkey solution is where you let an experienced company, like, to design, develop and set up the whole thing, and the only thing you do is make payment.

Since you are just getting started, you probably are wondering whether opting for a turnkey solution is the right move for your business or not. In this article, we’ll highlight how a turnkey project can benefit your project:

One company to contract

Working with a turnkey company means that all your needs will be taken care of under one roof. This includes all aspects beyond actual product fabrication, including design for manufacturability, prototyping, material selection, actual fabrication of your product, secondary/finishing services, assembly, delivery, and on-site setup. Nothing kills your project’s timeline like having to keep in touch with multiple providers – and trying to get different providers to communicate with each other. A turnkey manufacturer removes this stress from the process – so instead of contacting the equipment designer, then the manufacturer, and back to the designer again, you only have to communicate with one company.

Only one company to research and vet

Before you sign a working contract with a supplier, it’s often recommended that you do thorough research up front to gauge their capabilities, specialties, testimonials, reputation, and their ability to deliver what it is they say they will deliver. Working with a turnkey manufacturer means you’ll only need to research and vet one time, as opposed to the numerous times that you would need to if you were to select multiple companies – talk about the wasted hours and energy.

You may get discounts

When you are dealing with one turnkey manufacturer, you may enjoy the discounts they offer on bundled services. In the end, this will save you lots of money, which is hard to say when you are dealing with different companies.

Eliminate the disconnect between processes

The only one who understands the manufacturing capabilities of a company, along with its specialties, optimal usage, and limitation design is the company itself. Often, the engineers have mastery of their company’s nuances and will design and build your product to the best standards. Working with different design and prototyping companies might translate to getting generic product design not customized for your facility – meaning the manufacturer will need more time and work to optimize the product or you’ll need to deal with the potential decrease in efficiency and quality.

Less logistical work

Coordinating products, materials, and communication among multiple companies need time and commitment. You’ll have to worry about managing personalities, moving parts, assembling pieces, different material capabilities as well as scheduling and capacity differences for the facility to work and so on. Turnkey manufacturing reduces movement by having all these processes taken care of by one company that either eliminates these concerns or handles them for you.


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