• What You Need To Know About Singapore’s Open Electricity Market


    After a positive reception during its soft launch, Singapore’s Open Electricity Market (OEM) has slowly expanded its operations to different areas of the country since November 2018. Instead of taking advantage of what the OEM has to offer, some businesses and homeowners may have questions regarding it.

    Discount off tariffs? Fixed price plans? If terms like these seems foreign to you, this post serves as a short guide that will walk you through different important aspects of the OEM.

    Open Electricity Market
    Flexibility and choice is the name of the game. With the introduction of the OEM, anybody is able to select who they would want to purchase electricity from – out of 13 licensed retailers. Previously, households and businesses would buy electricity only from SP Group, at a tariff regulated by them and reviewed on a quarterly basis.

    These retailers in the market provide new and attractive offers, incentives …

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