How to Furnish an Office on a Budget

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Whether you’re a new entrepreneur just setting out on the small business journey, or an established business with a budget, furnishing an office is an important part of setting the tone for your company. Since ordering new furniture can get fairly pricey right out of the gate, here are some simple ideas on how to furnish your new office on a budget.

Buy Used     

Many types of office furniture last a pretty long time without losing their usability. Used office file cabinets are one type of item that don’t lose their value over time, but can be excellent ways to save on costs. Other types of used office furnishings that are worth taking a look at include anything with hard surfaces, including desks, cubicles, and reception furniture. If you’re patient and willing to look in unique places, you can often find barely-used furniture from high-end businesses that cycle through their decor rather quickly. This is a great way to pay less for valuable pieces to add to your collection. 

Buy in Bulk

Many office furniture companies sell at reduced prices for bulk purchases. If you know you’re going to purchase a lot of a certain type of desk chair, for example, it might be cheaper in the long run to go ahead and purchase as many as you think you might eventually need in order to take advantage of bulk prices. This way, you can get brand-new or even used chairs or desks that match, giving your office a sense of flow and stability for your employees and clients.

No matter how you decide to furnish your office, it’s important to remember to invest in things that will be used most often, rather than furnishings that offer no more value than for decoration. If you’re finding yourself needing to stick to a tight budget, don’t be afraid to focus on function over decor.


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