3 Safety Tips To Steal from Truck Drivers

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If you drive on any of America’s interstates, chances are you’ll encounter many eighteen-wheeler trucks on your journey. Transporting items on these large semi-trucks is one of the primary ways we move cargo and freight throughout our nation. 

From grain haulers to cattle haulers and oil rigs, all truck drivers have a responsibility to adhere to strict safety standards that ensure cargo arrives on time and drivers arrive unharmed. Here are three safety tips you should steal from truck drivers to stay safe on the road.

Be Alert and Well Rested

Being well rested before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle helps you to drive defensively and remain alert. Anticipate the actions of other drivers. Look far ahead of your vehicle and also scan side to side. Remain vigilant in checking your blind spots and keeping your eyes moving to get the big picture of what’s going on around you. 

Prepare for Weather 

Be ready for all adverse weather conditions by checking the weather before you drive. Make sure your windshield wiper blades are in working order. Slow down in bad weather and allow extra travel time. Knowing about, and preparing for, any weather-related delays you may encounter will help you get to your destination safely.


Use your horns, lights and signals to communicate in traffic. Use your turn signals in advance to let other drivers know of your intent well before you change lanes or turn. Make sure your headlights are on in poor driving conditions or when it’s dark outside. Leave ample distance between you and the vehicle in front you to be able to adequately slow down if needed. Create a safety escape plan should anything hazardous happen around you. 

Use these tips next time you’re on the road to help you and your passengers arrive at your destination on time and unscathed. 


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