Small Changes That Can Make a Big Difference in Your Home Office

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The best home office design stimulates productivity. Whether you work from home or use your office for taking care of the household business, you need a space that is well organized and makes your tasks easier. A few small changes can help.

Protective Measures

Your office should be conducive to the work you do there. You can do several things to keep your office safe. If you have hard floors, place desk leg protectors on each leg to keep it from leaving a mark when it moves. Use coaster on all wooden furniture to prevent ugly water marks. Use zip ties to wrangle errant cords into submission. You may also consider smoothing out sharp edges on furniture, particularly if you have small children, to lower the risk of injury.

Organizational Strategies

Very few people thrive in chaos, so it’s important to keep your office neat and organized. Have enough filing cabinets that you can store important papers out of the way, reducing the necessity for piles on the desk or floor. DIY drawer dividers can give you small compartments for all the small items, such as paper clips and pens, that you keep in your desk. Bookshelves are useful for more than just books; they can be used to store a lot of the things you would normally keep on the top of your desk so that it can be a clear work space.

Inspirational Touches

Your office should reflect your personality. Plants bring the space to life and freshen the air. A sign with your favorite motivational quote can remind you of your goals and dreams. The more at home you feel in your office, the more productive you may be.

You don’t have to completely renovate your office to make it more functional. A few simple changes can improve it quite a bit.


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