• 4 Legal Liability Concerns for Small Businesses


    Running your own business can bring autonomy and financial success, but the risk and liabilities of interacting with clients, making your own product, and navigating the business world can open you up to numerous lawsuits. It is always best to have a working relationship with corporate legal consultation Hannibal MO offices in the event a claim is filed, but knowing the common risks are another way to reduce your liabilities.

    Breach of Contract

    With a legal suit filed under breach of contract, it means your client or a vendor feels that your business did not carry out the terms specified in a signed contract. The terms may have been concerning payment for goods and services, delivering damaged or incorrect goods, stealing a trade secret, or not honoring a warranty.

    Personal Injury and Accidents           

    Anytime someone slips or falls on your property, whether the ground was wet or they tripped over …

  • Planning for Event Success


    Whether you are planning an event for entertainment, fundraising or other purposes, successful event preparation requires an extensive plan, including managing budgets and vendors, such as providers of mobile restroom trailers, marketing and setup and tear-down procedures.  


    Planning an event begins with identifying the purpose of the event. Then, the budget must be determined. The budget includes the cost of the venue, entertainment, logistics, catering, marketing, rentals, technology and licensing and permits, such as those required in some areas to hold raffles. Expected sponsorships should also be included.

    Then, an event team should be created and the event responsibilities shared among the team members. The date of the event should be set so it does not coincide with any other conferences or competing events.

    Venue choice will be determined by the season and expected weather as well as other events in the area on the event date. Choose …

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