• Oilfield Equipment for Rent: Why Rent Oilfield Equipment?


    Given the increasing need for energy, the energy industry has been growing a lot over the recent past. Such is an indication that the energy companies have a different level of income. Most of the well-established companies have bought oilfield equipment and might not require to rent. However, startup companies are growing the business and, therefore, torn between renting or buying the equipment. There are plenty of reasons why oilfield equipment rentals are the best option for energy companies.

    Why should you rent oilfield equipment?

    Renting oilfield equipment enables a company to spend a small amount of money compared to the huge price that could have been spent purchasing the same equipment. Most of the oil equipment requires a company to part with a huge amount of money while purchasing it. Most new companies in the energy industry operate on a tight budget and might not have the money to …

  • The Technological Advances that Changed the Business World Forever


    Throughout the last few decades technology has reached all parts of our lives – from huge technological feats like man landing on the moon to the mobile phones that now the vast majority of people own, it will always continue to evolve and play a role in our lives.

    Technology is part of all of our lives in many ways that we may not even realise – when we flick the switch on our kettle to make a cup of tea to when we get in our cars to go out, it is all a part of everyday life.

    Business has changed enormously over the last few decades as well and as technological advances are always being made – from Intelliflo software for financial advisors to aeroplanes which practically fly themselves. Technology has meant that over the past few years, the business world has also become increasingly fast paced.

    Here …

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