The Technological Advances that Changed the Business World Forever

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Throughout the last few decades technology has reached all parts of our lives – from huge technological feats like man landing on the moon to the mobile phones that now the vast majority of people own, it will always continue to evolve and play a role in our lives.

Technology is part of all of our lives in many ways that we may not even realise – when we flick the switch on our kettle to make a cup of tea to when we get in our cars to go out, it is all a part of everyday life.

Business has changed enormously over the last few decades as well and as technological advances are always being made – from Intelliflo software for financial advisors to aeroplanes which practically fly themselves. Technology has meant that over the past few years, the business world has also become increasingly fast paced.

Here are some of the creations that changed the world of business…

The Steam Engine – One of the symbols of the Industrial Revolution, and one of the most important ingredients in the rise in the industrial age. The steam engine was not only used to power machinery in factories, but the steam train was a crucial way of getting goods transported around the country much more quickly than ever before. This meant that large quantities of materials were able to move from one place to another and supply the ever-increasingfactories and centres of industry.

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The Telephone – Before the telephone, communication was done by sending letters back and forth – this was incredibly time consuming, but the only way to communicate with people who were not in the area. The telephone revolutionised the business world – things that would have taken a very long time were suddenly resolved with a simple phone call, and people across hundreds of miles were able to talk to each other directly.

Television – Television was a huge tool for businesses when it came to advertising – as it still is to this day. How many of us saw an advert as a kid, and so desperately wanted the toy it was showing? Television advertising is a huge industry and is able to reach people in their homes in a way that nothing that came before could do. Its power is not limited to kids – adults everywhere lusted after products from cars to new kitchens beamed into their homes on the television.

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The Internet – This is the most recent of all the changes that technology has made to the world of business and it has had an enormous impact – emails have meant that communication all over the world is instant. Websites have provided a way for shops to offer customers online shopping – which has been booming in recent years and even more so during the global pandemic where many high street shops had to close their doors. Social media is another thing that has come with the internet and is an extremely useful platform for businesses to be able to communicate directly with their customers.


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