How To Write a Resume To Get the Job

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A resume is your chance to introduce yourself to a potential employer. It is the first impression you make, so it is incredibly important that you put your best foot forward.

You have to ensure that not only does your resume paint you in the right light but also that it can get through the systems employers have in place to weed out resumes that don’t match its needs.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Before you learn about writing a winning resume, you need to understand applicant tracking systems. An ATS is a program that an employer uses to find resumes that match certain criteria or keywords. Many employers use them when they get a large response to a job ad.

An ATS can make it easier on a hiring department by removing resumes that do not fit the set criteria, leaving behind only those that seem to be the best fit. The system can help reduce stacks of resumes to only a few that represent the best matches.

Beating the ATS

Because employers use ATS so often, you want to write a resume that can get you through that system. Indeed explains that you will need to begin by identifying the keywords the employer is most likely to use.

Start by looking in the job ad and noting terms and words that are prevalent. These are most likely to be what the employer will enter in the ATS. The more keywords you have, the better.

You also need to ensure your resume format is standard. Do not try to get too fancy or think outside of the box when it comes to formatting. A bad format can cause the ATS to toss your resume. Use the traditional setup:

  • Personal statement
  • Skills
  • Work history
  • Education

Make sure to use a heading for each section and keep it clear. Also, make the formatting overall simple in the document.

The final rules for beating an ATS is that you have to create a resume for every job for which you apply. Each job will have different keywords, so you have to make a resume tailored to that employer. You can reuse information, but make sure you have the right keywords in there.

Wrapping Up

Creating a resume that gets you to the next stage of the hiring process is all about beating the ATS these days. You want to customize every resume you send out for the best possible chances of landing a job.


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