• 3 Ways to Get Your Software Implementation Right


    There comes a time in business when you want to introduce new software to your business. But like anything else, implementing new software always comes with its host of challenges. Some common challenges you should expect when you implement software include, misaligned expectations, lack of preparedness among your team, and declining productivity. To avoid any of the aforementioned challenges you need to do thorough research before adopting any software. Ask yourself the following questions: does the software help to solve major problems in your business, is it user-friendly, and most importantly, will your vendor be available to provide assistance to you and your team 24/7? 

    Some tips you should use to ensure your software implementation is done right:

    1. Have a plan

    An implementation plan is the first thing you should have before buying software.  It doesn’t matter how big your business, or efficient the software is, if you don’t have a clearly …

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