• Mistakes New Commercial Roofers Make – And How To Avoid Working With Them!

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    A commercial roofing project can cost millions of dollars. With such money on the line, company executives need to make the correct call when hiring a commercial roofing company for a new roof installation. Continue reading to discover the mistakes that new or inexperienced roofers make when attempting to break into commercial roofing. 

    Lacking Proper Industry Knowledge

    Commercial roofing and residential are not the same. Many new roofers with only residential experience often bite off more than they can handle when venturing into the commercial space. It requires far more understanding of roofing and building construction to effectively quote and get the job done to install new commercial roofs.

    Beware Of The Underbid

    There are two primary reasons a new commercial roofer will bid so low. The first being they lack the experience to account for all that large commercial roofing projects entail. Second, when trying to score the project over more experienced and reputable contractors, they will vastly reduce what they submit their bids for. This begs the question: Are you comfortable with your roofing project being the lab rat for a new roofer?

    Insurance & Licensing 

    You’d be surprised how many companies get awarded bids to do commercial roofing work that does not hold the correct license and insurance to do so. This can become …

  • 5 Tips to Be a Better Marketing Manager


    Marketing managers are responsible for a brand’s image and reputation. The pressure underneath that confident personality is a constant reminder to power through. Marketing managers handle everything from media engagement to customer traction and brand partnerships. If you’re a marketing manager or aspire to be one, here are a few tips to give you an edge.

    Choose Your Hat Wisely

    There will be times when you will be in two minds about whether you should meet the demands of your executive team or your customers. This calls for smart and rational thinking, and if you can balance the weights, then you’re good to go. The trick is to keep your mind open to negotiations and use effective communication to deliver to both teams. You must be able to work well with others and be at your best behavior to work your charm.

    At the same time, you need to listen to people around you. Your job is to please two parties with contrasting opinions- customers and stakeholders. This means you need to carefully analyze and find insights to land on a middle ground.  

    Up Your Digital Marketing Game

    It’s the digital age, and if you don’t have your best resources devoted to online marketing, then you’re …

  • The ultimate guide of hiring a PR agency


    Public relations and trust are huge aspects of any business’s success. By virtue of the stories they publish, the news media can develop awareness, built trust, extend credibility and motivate the audience’s responses towards a company and its products and services. Many business owners report that public relation is the most worthwhile venture for marketing dollars.

    Running a business is a full-time job that needs a lot of attention; you should let a professional handle the vital PR tasks that can extremely impact your business reputation. If you are wondering what services a PR agency provides, below are the kind of services PR agencies Denver can handle for you.

    Reputation management

    Reputation management is one of the main services that public relations professionals offer. They include the following tactics, newsletters, social media management, blog content or website copy, responding to reviews, and engaging with followers.

    Crisis management

    A firm will …

  • Do You Need a Will or Trust?


    A trust is an appointment under which one person, called a trustee, holds legal title to the property for an additional person, called a beneficiary. You’ll be the trustee of your own inter vivos trust, keeping full control over all property held in trust.

    A “living trust” also called an “Inter Vivos” trust by lawyers who can’t hand over Latin is just a trust you create while you’re alive, instead of one that’s created at your death under the terms of your will. The beneficiaries you name in your inter vivos trust receive the trust property once you die.

    What If I die without a will or a trust?

    Oklahoma law helps you with the distribution of your estate to your heirs. The overall rules for the way your estate are going to be distributed if you die without a will or a trust are described as follows:

    If you …

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