Things To Consider When Buying A Convention USB Drive

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You surely have a lot of meetings to attend and presentations or proposals to make when you are working for a corporation or company that plays an important role in the industry. Let’s say that you had been in your position as a marketing officer, department head, branch manager, advertising assistant, designer, or professor. Of course, you would like to keep your career that’s why you are even trying harder to be loyal and reliable so you make sure no one stains your good reputation.

No matter how huge or wide your task is, you always give your heart to whatever task you were given so you don’t mind having sleepless nights to finish your job. That sacrifice you had been doing will be paid off one day because you are doing your best to prepare every word and image needed for your project. But this will all be wasted without a backup like a convention usb drive where you can save your files just in case the previous will turn out to be a corrupted one.

This means that we should always carry a backup when we have important files which we cannot manage to lose since our career lies in those data, documents, worksheets, or presentations. USB drives are even customized and it is not just about your company logo because these are even chosen specifically for your use. So if you are planning to buy one, then make sure that you will choose the specified and preferred details which can be very useful to you.

USB Flash Drives

We all know that this is a device that can be used to store data, such as documents, images, videos, audios, and applications to name a few. What’s good about these storage devices is that you can always write your files here and then rewrite them after formatting to make them cleaner. Sometimes it is easier to erase everything rather than deleting one by one when other things stored are not necessary.

By the way, this device can be connected to various ports where it can be read. This includes laptops, desktops, smart televisions, and video or audio players. This is portable, handy, easy, and simple to use – the link at will give you more details.


USB 2.0 is the current and latest version that is available in the market today. It is programmed to download and upload data at a faster speed. That is why it is an ideal option.

The previous version which is 1.1 is slower when it comes to transferring data. It still available but who would prefer is a slower one even when it is cheaper. You may use this for your presentations but would you be fine when you know that wasting time is not allowed at work?

Description: Wood USB Flash Drive UW-16 - sinomemory

Printing, Case, and Design

Since this is a customized one, you may choose your company logo to be printed or engraved and it could be on one or both sides. The color you would like to use will be upon your decision as well so for the imprint, it could be multicolor, while black or gray for the laser-engraved. You just give the details needed and it will be done as you wish.

Depending on your preferences, you can pick one from available designs. This may be traditional or modern. But if you wish to give your subordinates, colleagues, or directors, then you should select a formal design since it might be kept in the office for future references.

Memory and Capacity

This is a very important factor when buying customized ones so you have to make sure that it is a Tier 1 quality for it to last longer. It will also aid in transferring, uploading, and downloading speed so ensuring these specifications may lead to a better performance of the device which can affect the overall presentation of data. I supposed this will help you earn a good impression since reading the data won’t cause delays.

The capacity should be chosen wisely as well and this will depend on your needs – go to this related site to check the capacity. It may range from 512MB up to 128GB. So if your files are too big or when you need a huge space, you may get a 128GB capacity, though the cost increases as the capacity go up.


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