How Your Restaurant Furniture Affects Your Sales

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Restaurant furniture will often be an overlooked part of a dining facility, with most owners likely to prioritize aspects such as decor and lighting. In hindsight, furniture has been shown to directly affect restaurant sales, with factors such as the wrong layout and design styles likely to affect your returns negatively. With this in mind, it is worth considering the kind of aesthetics created by your furnishings.

Restaurant Layout

Your restaurant’s layout speaks volumes of how well you can maximize your furniture for increased profit margins. If, for instance, you prefer a family layout for your restaurant, your furniture ought to reflect this. Booths will be ideal for such a setup, allowing your clients to settle into a comfortable seating area. With such a layout, your clients get their needed privacy while introducing room for multiple family members. Restaurants with such setups are likely to quickly attract their target customers, allowing them to increase their sales.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a formal setting, smaller restaurant tables and chairs should be your go-to. This allows for easy movement when your customers need to access their tables, proving an efficient setup. Your employees also get easy access to the tables when serving your customers, minimizing any disturbances. With this, you can influence your customer’s perception of your restaurant, helping you increase your turnover.

Furniture Colours

Colors are another item that has been shown to impact business revenue, not just in commercial office spaces but also in the restaurant industry. Muted colors such as red, yellow, and orange are often associated with feelings of thirst and increased appetite. By adopting one or more variations of such colors in your furniture, you can impact the frequency of orders, helping you get more sales in the process. For starters, choose one dominant color to include on your walls and floors. Another contrasting color should then follow this on items such as your tables or chairs. Keep in mind that your color combinations also need to reflect the style of your restaurant setup. Casual places will work well with playful and multiple vibrant colors, while formal areas will fit well with toned-down two-color themes. 

Pick Out Accessories For Your Furniture

Your furniture may be the most visible part of your restaurant, but your tables and chairs also need complementary accessories. This allows your customer to focus on multiple points of attraction, helping improve your restaurant’s ambiance. To help with this, consider picking out accessories such as napkins, suitable lighting details, and the proper tableware.

Upscale dining will often go well with modern silk ware, helping elevate your restaurant’s theme to attract high-value clients. Silk cushions will also be suitable for such a setting, helping you attract well-paying customers. Laidback furniture such as benches and stools will go well with accessories such as geometric lighting, allowing your customers to feel at ease. By selecting suitable accessories to match your desired clientele, you can attract more clients that speak to your preference.

Cohesiveness In Your Styles

If you settle for a mix and match in materials and designs for your tables and chairs, ensure that these provide continuous harmony for your styles. Plastic chairs should be placed with plastic tables, with this often working well for fast foods. Wooden tables will work well with wooden chairs with cushioned seating areas, helping you tie your style together. Cohesiveness in your furniture will go a long way in elevating your customer’s comfort levels, with any discomfort in your restaurant’s visuals and seating and eating areas likely to push your clients to your competitors. Take note that too much comfort could also negatively affect your restaurant’s profitability. By choosing cushioned seats in fast food facilities, your customers could linger longer than you want them to, reducing your profitability in the long run.

Your furniture may be a functional part of your restaurant, but it is also an essential part that contributes to your business sales. Consider factors such as accessories, design layout, and your overall setup’s cohesiveness to help you improve your revenue.


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