• Women’s Sports Hospitality Opportunities


    Make the decision to attend women’s sports events with corporate hospitality or private hospitality benefits this year. You’ll be thrilled that you stepped away from the male oriented option to witness exceptional quality play.

    Don’t miss out on women’s sports events and hospitality

    Take the recent rugby Six Nations as an example, we hear about the men’s competition, see the matches and can follow the results without making an internet search. How many people actively followed the women’s event? It’s just as demanding and important and yet it can be overlooked. This trend is changing though.

    According to research by sports marketing agency Two Cities featured by the BBC, since 2013 attendances for UK women’s sports have grown on average by 38% year on year.

    They predict the number of fans watching women’s sport will increase by 49% on 2017 to hit 682000 in 2018.

    The 2017 ICC Women Cricket …

  • Online Directories

    Automotive, Business, Education, Fashion, Food, Health, Home, Home Improvement, Legal, Pets, Real Estate, Shopping, Sports, Technology, Travel, Wedding

    Lot of small businesses these days are using online directories to their profit. If you run a small business then odds are you spend a great deal of your time thinking about your marketing plan. Online directories can help your small business expand its website traffic, increase the likelihood that your website will be found by interested viewers and increase your bottom line. If you haven’t taken a look at directories and considered how your small business could use them to increase its market presence- then now is the time to start!

    What Are Online Directories?

    There are many different types of online directories available on the Internet. Each of those online directories serves a particular purpose and may be utilized by your small business in specific ways. These directories can be accessed from just about anywhere that has an internet connection. This means that people could find your

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