• 4 Legal Liability Concerns for Small Businesses


    Running your own business can bring autonomy and financial success, but the risk and liabilities of interacting with clients, making your own product, and navigating the business world can open you up to numerous lawsuits. It is always best to have a working relationship with corporate legal consultation Hannibal MO offices in the event a claim is filed, but knowing the common risks are another way to reduce your liabilities.

    Breach of Contract

    With a legal suit filed under breach of contract, it means your client or a vendor feels that your business did not carry out the terms specified in a signed contract. The terms may have been concerning payment for goods and services, delivering damaged or incorrect goods, stealing a trade secret, or not honoring a warranty.

    Personal Injury and Accidents           

    Anytime someone slips or falls on your property, whether the ground was wet or they tripped over …

  • 4 Tips For Designing a Commercial Kitchen


    Whether you are opening your own restaurant or you redesigning a current space, an efficient commercial kitchen is no accident. As the heart and soul of the food and service you bring to the community, the kitchen should be organized, with an elegant layout that allows chefs and staff to work in harmony but speed and precisions. There are several key design elements that should be included in your commercial kitchen.

    1. Flexibility

    Although there is something to be said for having each tool and utensil in its proper place, there are times when the workspace needs to be flexible. Perhaps there is a catering order that needs to be filled in addition to the daily demands of customer orders. In times like these, being able to rearrange your space to accommodate the extra staff or prep work can be a huge lifesaver. By having prep tables, fryers,  and even …

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