• Spanish Wines: The Best designations of Origin You Should Try


    In October 2019, the US imposed tariffs of 25% on certain Spanish agri-food products such as cheese, wine and oil. These are precisely the products most in demand by Americans, which is why they lamented a decline in the value and volume of imports.

    In June of this year, however, an agreement was reached on the suspension of tariffs between the US and the EU. Since then, imports of these products, especially spanish wine, have increased by 19%. Since June, the US has imported 76.3 million litres more than in 2020.

    It’s evident the appreciation that the Americans show for the highest quality Spanish food products, such as their excellent goat and sheep cheeses or their extra virgin olive oil. But we could say that there’s a certain weakness for wine.

    And it’s not surprising, since Spain is among the top 3 wine producing countries in the world, …

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