• Starting A Dog Walking Business: What You Need to Know


    A dog walker can be one of the most fun and fulfilling jobs out there. But while owning a dog walking business can be enriching and enjoyable, it still brings many of the same challenges and obstacles that most small businesses represent. 

    Like any small business owner, you are going to be expected to do most things on your own, from hiring to invoices to generating leads to marketing your services to your community. When you start out, you probably won’t be taking on too many employees, you’re going to be doing everything and that includes dealing with you clients and their dogs! 

    But there are other things to consider, how do you plan on communicating with clients, fielding calls, replying to emails, designing and maintaining your business website, and even working out how you plan to do your business taxes from year to year? These are also part and …

  • How to Know If Starting a Small Business Is the Right Move for You


    Making the decision to go into business for yourself is not one that can be made quickly. Statistically, most business startups will fail within the first five years. No one wants to put that much work and money into their dream only to have it fail. It is important to research your business, and the market surrounding it, to gauge a realistic level of success while things are still in the planning stage. There are two key realizations each person must come to before they can know if starting a small business is the right move for them. 

    What is Your Strategy? 

    Before any money is spent, planning out each and every step of your business is vital to its survival. Outline what marketing, production, or packaging and design solutions will be needed and take stock of their cost. Don’t only consider what you will make but how it will get to your customers. …

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